The Cookbook for Guys who Want to Pretend they know how to Cook

by Adeh DeSandies

Table of Contents

Ziti alla Portabello con Tomato
This is an easy pasta dish that will make you a star with your vegetarian friends.
Sweet Buttermilk Mash
This sweet and savory mashed potato variant is a welcome side dish to any meal. Well... almost any. The sweetness is quite strong and needs a strong main dish to complement it.
Lemon Wine Cake with Wine Sauce and Lemon Frosting
An opulent and majestic desert, bound to tickle your tastebuds as well as your eye balls.
Applesauce Snickerdoodles
A slightly lighter version of the cookie classic, this soft delight will entice butter watchers and butter gluttons alike!
Raspberry-Lemon Tiramisu
This amazingly simple and decadent dessert will be an instant summer classic with all your favorite guests.